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Experience counts when looking for help after an accident. For example, if you needed stitches on your face you would go to a plastic surgeon, not a family doctor. If you need your Mercedes repaired, you go to a Mercedes specialist. By the same token, when you have been involved in an accident,  you should be certain that you have an attorney that is experienced in personal injury law.

It is so often in California, that  lawyers and law firms will take just about any kind of case, just to generate a fee. There are some great lawyers and certainly some of those lawyers can do a fine job in their prime practice area of law. But personal injury cases are their own animal and we see it often that the case is compromised, or even jeopardized.

Be comforted knowing that we concentrate our practice to limited areas of personal injury law where we can assist with even the most complicated and catastrophic injury case. Call us now for a free evaluation and to see if we may be the right fit to best defend your rights.

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